I’m back …with Ikea Desk Hack!

Hi there! I can finally say my removal is done! I live a bit further from the city center now, but still pretty close to my work.

Since I had to furnish the flat myself, I didn’t have much time for coding and writing at home until now. But thanks to that, I came up with a small Ikea Hack presented in this post.

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by Greg


Creative Month Challenge

CMC #4 – Loading Blender models using Three.js

This time I’ll do a little coding in JavaScript. As I mentioned in the previous post I needed a simple online preview of my 3D works created during the Creative Month Challenge.

I decided to use Three.js for this purpose. First, because I had a limited amount of time and I’m already familiar with it, and second, because it has a nice export plugin for Blender, which produces well formatted JSON file out of the 3D model.

I’ll add the Export Plugin installation and usage guide in the separate post. In this post, we’ll focus on the preview script.

You can check the final script running here – 3D Fantasy Preview.

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by Greg