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Creative Month Challenge: Beginning


On March, 1st, after almost 3 years, I decided to leave Samsung and started working at new company. It was a difficult decision to make. Looking back, it was a good one.

But, that change and all the stress associated with it, forced me to give up some of my daily development/design activities. I dropped all of my ongoing projects because I had to recover after work.

Two months passed, I’ve adapted myself to a new work environment, but I haven’t wrote a piece of code, nor design a thing…

…till now.

I decided do something about it and get back on “creative” track. That’s why this blog was created and that’s how Creative Month Challenge was born…

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Hello and welcome to the Pixel Chinchilla Blog – a place where I’m gonna publish my recent works, articles and stuff.

There’s not much to see yet, but it’s should change thanks to Creative Month Challenge …yeah, about that, you’ll find out more in the next post.

For now, while you’re waiting, please make sure you’ll check the About page. Thanks!

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