Creative Month Challenge

Creative Month Challenge: Beginning


On March, 1st, after almost 3 years, I decided to leave Samsung and started working at new company. It was a difficult decision to make. Looking back, it was a good one.

But, that change and all the stress associated with it, forced me to give up some of my daily development/design activities. I dropped all of my ongoing projects because I had to recover after work.

Two months passed, I’ve adapted myself to a new work environment, but I haven’t wrote a piece of code, nor design a thing…

…till now.

I decided do something about it and get back on “creative” track. That’s why this blog was created and that’s how Creative Month Challenge was born…


I came up with an idea of a monthly challenge that will keep me motivated and would help me to stay creative, while not taking too much time everyday.

So the plan is, for another 30 days, each day, I’m gonna complete one “creative” task. From Monday to Friday a small design/development task and during the weekends a bigger development project.


Below is the weekly schedule. I decided to make it pretty strict so I could prepare myself for each task earlier.


On Mondays I’m gonna try to design some vector graphics – whether it’s a game asset or a wallpaper. I’ll use AI or Inkscape for this task.


Tuesdays are reserved for 3D art – modelling and animating stuff in Blender was always my hobby, but abandoned these days.


On Wednesdays I’ll dust off my good old Wacom Bamboo tablet and try to draw anything. Some time ago I discovered MyPaint which looks really promising!


Every Thursday I’ll try to write a piece of code that could be reused in future project. Maybe a piece of game logic, maybe a Web Socket based communication protocol, we’ll see what will come to my mind.


Friday means weekend – a synonym of freedom! So on Fridays I’m gonna give myself some freedom of choice. This might be one of above task, but can be anything else, like, for example making a piece of music (buying a FL Studio 11 license recently should be a good motivation though).


During the weekends I should have some time to spend on a bigger projects. I’m gonna take a look on some game engines (this will most probably end up with Phaser) and develop a simple web browser/mobile game.


To make decisions easier, each week will have its own theme.

Week 1:

medieval/fantasy – Middle Ages or Middle Earth – everything with swords and shields will fit

Week 2:

sci-fi – space, phasers, jet packs, neons and lasers – from Star Wars to Cyberpunk

Week 3

old school – 8 bits/16 bits, retro games, C64 and chiptune time!

Week 4:

realism – time to get back my feet on the ground and make something contemporary

Week 5:

??? – i still haven’t decided since it won’t be a full week, I could use this time to take care of some unfinished business as well


I’m not expecting to fulfill all the tasks on time, nor create anything impressive. This is meant to be my motivation booster – used to keep myself doing stuff and stay, again, creative!

Feel free to join this challenge and post your works and thoughts in commends. Thanks and see you tomorrow!

by Greg

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