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CMC #3 – delay and some thoughts

Delayed issue #3 is here! I thought trying hand-painted textures would be cool, but I’d never expect it to be sooo time consuming for the first time… Nevertheless, I found it really enjoyable!

In my first attempt I tried to draw all the textures using Blender, but due to some performance drawbacks and lack of AA of the thinnest brush, I decided to export the UV and work in Photoshop. This was a good idea since Photoshop gives a batter control of the brush and has these all layer-related features. As a result, redrawing all of textures in Photoshop took me about the same amount of time as drawing rocks in Blender…

Enough talking, here’s the result:

Textured model
Textured model

Check also on-line 3D preview of this model.

That’s my first attempt to hand-painted textures hence it definitely needs some polishing, but I’m pretty happy with that. Also, thanks to so many hours spend with tablet, I have a feeling that my hand-painting skills improved a bit, which is nice ^_^ I also had to rethink the UVs few times learning not to mix the materials within one UV if not necessary…

Finally, I think I should pick up some easier tasks to do, otherwise I won’t be able to finish even half of them on time… That said, for the Task #4 I’m gonna make a simple preview of the model on the website, using WebGL.


by Greg

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