I’m back …with Ikea Desk Hack!

Hi there! I can finally say my removal is done! I live a bit further from the city center now, but still pretty close to my work.

Since I had to furnish the flat myself, I didn’t have much time for coding and writing at home until now. But thanks to that, I came up with a small Ikea Hack presented in this post.


I’m a pretty tall guy (around 197cm) so after years of struggling with too shallow and uncomfortable desks, I decided that this time I’m gonna get myself a better one. And because my bedroom is quite small, I didn’t have too much choice – only a desk which is around 120cm wide and as deep as possible.

I started a research on the Web and there was literally one (!) desk available that suited me needs… BUT, it was quite expensive and, what’s even worse, I’d have to wait almost 3 weeks to get it! So, after visiting Ikea Hackers on the other day, I decided that I could make the desk myself.

First idea was to use some parts of Ikea’s Expedit series, but unfortunately, It was just after Ikea decided to discontinue the series… Thankfully, they still sell some pieces of Expedit under new name – Kallax.

After a long afternoon spent on Ikea’s website and one visit to the store, I had a plan.

The plan

My plan was to use 120x80cm table top together with 2×2 Kallax shelving unit on one end and some legs at the other.

Here’s the list of parts I used:

  • 1 x 120x80cm table top from Ikea’s Gallant series (Pro Tip:  you can buy a table top without a frame to save some money!)
  • 1 x Ikea Kallax 2×2 shelving unit
  • 2 x Ikea Olov table legs, adjustable
  • 4 x Ikea Kassett boxes
  • 4 x 10cm long table legs (I bought mine in Leroy Merlin, but you could also use Ikea’s Capita table legs for this purpose)
  • plastic furniture corner brackets
  • cable hole cover
  • self-stick caps
  • sticky felt pads
  • screws (15 and 25mm)

Combining the Pieces


First, assemble the Kallax shelving unit, except the top piece – this is gonna be our monitor stand. Remember to use included felt pads. Then, join the shelve with the table top using furniture corner brackets. I used 6 of them. Use shorter screws for the table top and longer for the shelve.

Plastic corner bracket
Plastic corner bracket

Finally, attach the Olov legs to the table using short screws. Adjust the length of the legs to level the desk. I suggest sticking some felt pads to the bottom of the legs to safe the floor from scratching.

To finish the desk, drill a cable hole with a hole saw and install the cover. And that’s it for the desk.

Cable hole cover
Installed cable hole cover

Monitor stand

The monitor stand is made of the remaining piece of the Kallax shelve and four short legs. Keep in mind that you can screw the legs to the top part only close to edges, the rest of this element is mostly empty inside. Stick a felt pad to each leg so it won’t scratch the desk. Finally, use self-stick caps to cover all remaining holes.

Monitor stand
Monitor stand

Complete desk

And here’s the final product:

Desk complete
Desk complete


I must say I’m really happy with the result. The overall price was reasonably low compared to existing desks of that size. The storage space is great thanks to four big Ikea Kassett boxes, the height of the desk is perfect and most important – no more pain caused by keeping my legs 90 degree bent for hours!

Hope you liked this one. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks!

by Greg


7 thoughts on “I’m back …with Ikea Desk Hack!”

  • Pretty nice!
    Where’s the PC case? You work on laptop?
    I’d work more on hiding wires. And I’m sorry but that keyboard is awful 😛

  • Can you provide a little more detail for me on how you secured the table top to the kallax unit? Did you attach the table to the kallax top with anything more than the corner brackets? Where did you find corner brackets such as these? Also, how sturdy do you find the set up to be? I don’t imagine I will put a ton of weight on the surface continuously (i have an iMac) But when Im at the desk I will of course have books and various things on the surface…just want to make sure it is really sturdy, thats my worry over any kallax based desk!

    • The table is attached to the kallax shelving unit using 6 corner brackets – 2 for each side and 2 for the middle. I got mine from Leroy-Merlin. The connection is pretty sturdy, I can lift the whole desk using the table without worrying that the kallax will disconnect (all three sides of the kallax are pretty much hollow so it’s very light). The important thing is to use as long screws as possible – 15mm for the table and 25mm+ for the kallax should be good enough. Hope it helped.

  • What is the finished height of the desk after this? The kallax appears to tall for a proper desk height, and Im a tall guy. If I recall, it puts your desk height over 30″

    • As you can see, the top piece of the kallax is detached and used as a monitor stand. The overall height is around 29″, which is perfect for me (I’m almost 6’6″).

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