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Hey Guys! It’s been over a year since my last post and, boy oh boy, this was a hell of a year!

Last year was full of rapid changes and serious decisions. In March 2015, both with my wife, we decided to change something in our lives and moved from to London!

This was a really tough decision to make, but after 7 months of living here I’m happy to say we’ve made a right choice. Even though we weren’t used to live in such a big and crowded city (we both come from a small town with less than 40,000 citizens), we slowly start to accept it and take advantage of the opportunities London has to offer.

Moving out of Warsaw meant I also had to say goodbye to all the awesome people from CKSource (hope we’re gonna see each other one day!) and looking for a now job.

Joining Qumu was a great opportunity to learn new things. First of them would be Angular.js – another popular JavaScript framework that we use on a daily basis. Learning all the bits and pieces of its two-way data binding is a real fun.

I’ve also started coding using CoffeScript (which I refused to try for years) and I’m totally in love with it! It lets you write so less code that’s still easy to understand.

Working on a new project meant playing with new tools like Webpack and Gulp, learning few things about the architecture of a large scale applications and their development and deployment cycle. Oh, and they made me work on Mac… (well, I’m still not the biggest fan but I can see some benefits).

Anyways, living in a new environment and a new job has helped me to restore my motivation and do something outside of a regular nine-to-five routine. I took part in js13kGames compo again and I made it in to the Top 10 with my entry! I’m going to write a separate post on that with a short post-mortem soon so stay tuned!

The 2015 was a year that brought me back to DIY electronics. I got myself several Raspberry Pis and Arduinos and I had A LOT of fun with those (which is going to be another topic for several incoming posts).

New year means a new beginning, for me, that would be a chance to restart this blog for good. I hope this year’s going to be great, full of challenges and exciting things to write about and I wish you the same as well! Happy New Year!

by Greg

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